Xero Error’s Unsung Heroes – Turtel Onli
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(Art of XE Competition, Team Xpanse)

Story by Aqeel Fikree

Last year during “The Art of Xero Error Competition”, we had many of our friends from all over the world who supported and contributed to the competition. A few weeks ago we received copies of Future Funk magazine (issue #1) in our mail with XE7 boldly displayed on the back cover. While the competition was announced, the creator of the magazine, Turtel Onli, got in touch with us through facebook and generously dedicated the back cover to spread word about it. Here’s a brief write up about Turtel from the man himself.

My name is Turtel Onli. I live and work out of Chicago. I earned a BFA in Art Education and a MAAT in Art Therapy from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My career started in both fine art and major market illustration. I list Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Playboy, Johnson Publishing, WGN TV and CNN TV along with George Clinton and the Rolling Stones as my former clients.

While living and working in Paris in the late 1970s for the likes of MODE Avante Garde and the Paris Metro American Magazine doing bande dessinee I was inspired to refocus on my 1960s Dr. King inspired dream to develop an open culturally diverse creative movement and genre in the international graphic novels, comic book, and related industry for independent ideas and a place for creators whose work is derived from a Black, African, Urban, or indie culture outside of the set mainstream limits.  This led to me launching the Black Age movement.  The Black Age of Comics started in 1981 when ONLI STUDIOS published “NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides”.

I believe NOG and my other concepts will one day be optioned and developed as hit sci-fi fantasy movies and series of games. The Black Age is to the visual arts what Black Music has been to the international music scene. Open, brilliant, innovative, profitable, and full of possibilities for all people.

Since that time I have networked and inspired along with supporting the growth of four annual Black Age conventions in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. The one ONLI STUDIOS produces in Chicago is the oldest. Starting in 1993. It occurs in the same Chicago neighborhood of the personal homes of President Obama, MIM inisterouis Farrakhan, the University of Chicago, and is birthplace of the Atomic Bomb.  BTW I too live in this area. It is called Hyde Park.

Currently ONLI STUDIOS is growing a special distributorship and publishing more. “NOG NU!” is a reboot of the original book with more to come. “Team Blanga” is our “Heroes of the Black Age” team tradebook/graphic novel. Future Funk is our fanzine / lifestyle / pricing guide.

This is a war for minds and marketplace. We are wining one person at a time. Slow does not mean never. I have dedicated my life and resources to laying the foundation for positive and successful growth that is open with immense growth potential. I see ONLI STUDIOS partnering with other operations to create movies, games, and more.


My artistic style is called “Rhythmistic”. It has won awards in the USA, Lagos Nigeria,  and Paris France. I teach Art Appreciation at the Harold Washingrton College and I am ending a 20 plus year career as a public school Graphic Design teacher. This will result in more of my time, creativity, vision, and resource being made available to the growing Black Age mission. I am excited to count you among my friends in this. I look forward to our mutual growth and success while having fun doing it. I feel the world is now ready for what I have been bringing all along. Let the games begin!









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