Xpanse is BOLD
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Story by Aqeel Fikree

Xpanse, an official event partner of BOLD2011, is involved in the design and branding of this year’s event, in addition to managing the social PR campaign through twitter, facebook, and YouTube. BOLD talks is about bringing a selection of fascinating individuals to present on a range of diversified discussions. This year’s speakers are Penny Low, Joy Tessman, Nayla Al Khaja, Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, Jeremy Foster, Rushdi Siddiqui, and Dr. Robert Schoch.

Check it out at DUCTAC (Mall of the Emirates), on Saturday, February 12th and look out for a creative session with Ashraf Ghori and friends.

Tickets are available in DUCTAC, BORDERS (Mall of Emirates and Ibn Battuta) and at www.SOUQ.com


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  2. Tamer Nahas says:


    I quite like this blog, but I have to say that I freaked out when xeroerror moved his head – didn’t expect that.

    Well done and thank you all of your efforts lads!



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