Xero Error honored in Abu Dhabi
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Story by Agent X
Photos Aqeel Fikree

The Nomination.

A few months ago Xpanse CGI, was approached by Abu Dhabi University to submit Xero Error for the “Made in UAE” Competition. This event focused on projects, based on technology and innovations, that were made in UAE.

From the many submissions to Abu Dhabi University, Xero Error was one of the shortlisted entries to present for the “Made in UAE” competition. Various heads of Universities and other dignitaries were present on the judging panel for the pitching session on the 2nd of January 2011.

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Xpanse CGI in the Guinness World Records
Posted by Team Xero on January 28th, 2011 - 1 Comment »
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Story by Agent Xero
Photos by Aqeel Fikree

Xpanse CGI made its way to the ‘Most brands advertised on a single billboard’ in the Guinness World Records. It was one of the 1233 brands featured from the UAE. Xpanse’s associated partners Playback Lounge & SBN Motion Pictures were also among the featured logos. Congratulations to the Xpanse team for making it to the world records.

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XE7 does Car Middle East
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Story by Aqeel Fikree

Shahzad Sheikh, editorial director of CAR Middle East approached Ashraf Ghori of Xpanse CGI to come up with a series of superheroic renditions of 2010′s best cars. These exclusives were to grace the award-winning cars on the pages of CAR Middle East’s January 2011 issue currently available on news stands everywhere. XE7 also had an appearance in the magazine as one of the iconic heroes depicted. Some of the artwork is shown below.

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Team Xpanse Tweetup & DIFF
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A recap by Aqeel Fikree

December was once again time for The Dubai International Film Festival, a very busy time for Team Xpanse with two films being featured at the festival. One thing we all looked forward to was finally meeting up with our production coordinator Vonnie Maddox, based in Houston, Texas [ More about Vonnie here: http://www.xero-error.com/xblog/?p=1220 ]. This was her first time to Dubai, after a very tiring 22 hour journey.

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