XE7 in Dubai for the New Year!
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We take this opportunity to wish all our die hard Xyborgs a SUPER 2011!

We’re also happy to feature one of our new Xero Error fans Chidi Okonkwo, who captured XE7 gracing the Dubai skyline.

Spotlight on Chidi Okonkowo

We were thrilled to receive Chidi’s spectacular Xero Error posters by mail and thought we’d share his eye-catching artworks featuring XE7. Here’s more about Chidi:

Residing in Atlanta GA, Chidi Okonkwo is a graphic designer and self-taught artist. He originally studied mechanical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and worked in that field, before his passion for comics led him to a completely different career.


He has done art and graphic work for independent comics and music artists, along with branding design for Web sites, small businesses and upstart clothing labels. Having worked as a digital colorist in the past, he currently engages his talents as a concept artist and freelance writer.

He has written 3 novels that are published online via Amazon’s kindle program. His sci fi trilogy books are called The DSNG Chronicles with each book being over 500 pages long. Based upon original ideas he developed in 1999, it is scripted as an action-adventure series with super soldiers and high-tech vehicles set in futuristic environments. The sci fi story is based in an alternate galaxy, created as a 12-part comic series, with realistic characters that evolve, grow and mature.


Chidi also maintains a sci fi portfolio blog called DSNG’s Sci fi Megaverse:


Facebook fan art page:


He is currently working on the next 3 volumes of The DSNG Chronicles




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