SME Stars of Business Summit features Ghori
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Story by Agent X

The introduction to the SME Stars of Business Summit & Awards website goes like this:

Innovation. Ambition. Determination.
The ability to dream, do, stumble, fall, rise up, dust off defeat, and go for it again. This is your story and we’ll make sure the world hears it.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have it tough, balancing between limited resources and making investments to grow their business. SMEs make up a huge percentage of business, yet not enough is done to promote these future large enterprises. That’s about to change. The SME Advisor “Stars of Business” Awards 2010 aim to encourage regional businesses and best practice.

The awards summit being held at The Jumeirah Beach Hotel on the 28th of November 2010 will feature Xpanse CGI‘s Ashraf Ghori as a keynote speaker to start off the summit. Mr. Ghori will have his presentation at 10:30 AM at the Al Meyaana Auditorium. The 20-minute talk will detail the back story to coming up with Xpanse CGI a design studio he heads in Dubai & UAE’s first Scifi film Xero Error.

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Ashraf Ghori presents an XPANSE CGI production "XERO ERROR" Directed by Ashraf Ghori Produced by Xpanse CGI.
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