The Art of Xero Error Competition Selected entries!
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A big round of applause for our loving Xyborgs for the strong show of support for The Art of Xero Error Competition. Our entries came in from just about all over the planet including UAE,  USA, UK, France, Indonesia, Canada, India, Scotland, Malaysia & The Dominican Republic. Our judges are currently busy deciding the winners. Thank you & good luck to all the participants!

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Team Xero at DIFF 09
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Story by Holly Blackburn

The 6th Annual Dubai International Film Festival [December 9th – 16th] once again brings Team Xero back to the lovely Madinat Jumeirah. DIFF’s mission is to “Celebrate excellence in cinema, using it as a medium to promote open dialogue between cultures and nations.”

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Xero Error Scrapbook [Dec 11 2009]
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Hi there Xyborgs,

We know how it is to be kept in the dark about what’s really going on behind the scenes on Xero Error. This independent film, an ongoing challenge will now be documented with the Xero Error Scrapbook updates. We are going to start sharing behind the scenes stuff through videos and pics.

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XE7 wishes you a Happy UAE National Day
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Story by Vonnie Maddox

It’s been a year since we first announced the Xero Error project – our web site was launched on 2nd December 2008. A lot has transpired in a year’s time and we are fortunate that we are moving ahead – albeit slowly – and it is great to see it all coming together with staunch support from our wonderful Xyborgs. Keep an eye out for behind the scenes updates soon.

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