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Story of my life recently got in touch with Xpanse CEO Ashraf Ghori for a special feature on their site. Many thanks to Kristen Kuhns and Cara Moorehead for this honor.

“Sci Fi in Dubai”
Featuring: Ashraf Ghori / Written by: Cara Moorehead

He wears a dog tag on a very muscular arm, eyes glowing, trained on something in the distance that only he can see. His name is XE7, and he is a cyborg from the future, a man as unique as the one who created him. XE7 is the main character in the first computer generated science fiction film to come from the United Arab Emirates, slated to premier in early 2010. It is the main project of a man with a history of success in creating unique characters that people clamor for, but the first film to come from this comic book author.

Ashraf Ghori was born in India but moved to Dubai when he was only 2. The youngest of three brothers in a family with six children, his father was a civil engineer and his parents were part of the movement that turned what was once a barren landscape into the posh resort hub that it has become today.

Growing up, Ashraf remembers being crazy about comic books and superheroes, things that were not very common in Dubai. Often getting into trouble in school for paying more attention to his comics than to his schoolwork, Ashraf still remembers the sting of a day when his principal humiliated him in front of his class for a comic book drawing he had done. Later in life, this same principal presented Ashraf with an award for outstanding achievement in art. This and the story of the land of Dubai itself taught Ashraf an important lesson early in life – success is achievable for those who dare.

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Ashraf Ghori presents an XPANSE CGI production "XERO ERROR" Directed by Ashraf Ghori Produced by Xpanse CGI.
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