The Story behind Xero Error
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Xero Error’s introductory film ‘Levity Xero Error Minus1’ is the first CG SciFi Film produced in the UAE

In the future Artificial intelligence [AI] is superceded by Natural intelligence [NI].

The story centers on XE7, a cyborg on a journey through time sent by VIRTUAL GEOGRAPHIC, a major scientific conglomerate of the future responsible for the time travel experiment code-named ‘Xero Error’ to record lost history.

In his introductory appearance on the big screen, in the film ‘Levity – Xero Error Minus1’ XE7 witnesses an unexplained event in time.
Official Selection – Gulf Film Festival
63rd Festival De Cannes – Court Metrage
MEFCC 2011


By the end of the 21st century, the Indo-China Code War was at its peak. Trees were on the brink of extinction. Paper was outlawed. The RealTime Internet Databank [RTID] was the new replacement.

By 2109, with the help of a virus invented by Dr. Barry Weisner, the war eventually ended up destroying the RTID. Centuries of  knowledge and history were wiped out.

Virtual Geographic USI, a scientific conglomerate of the future discovered the Netherverse, a parallel universe inhabited by other beings, which led to the possibility of time travel. Their research into this dimension led to Project Xero Error – the first time travel experiment. Natural Intelligence, the successor to Artificial Intelligence. XE7 the Natural-intelligence Cyborg was created for this task.

His objective: To retrieve lost history.

An Xpanse CGI Production




Cyborg / Time Messenger  |  Codename Xero Error

The first successful time travel experimental cyborg which uses ‘Natural Intelligence’ (the next generation advancement for ‘Artificial’ Intelligence).  This NI enables XE7 to adopt human concepts & opens his senses to the unknown.  XE7 can shoot arcs of electricity as a defensive mechanism. He has a ‘skin’ that can mimic surroundings using micro nanite displays and heals itself if wounded. XE7 also has super fast reflexes and enhanced senses. He is a formidable weapon in combat situations with expertise in 313 forms of combat.


[ First Authority in Cyber Espionage and Terrorism ]

A mulitple personality program. FACET’s personalities  include Interrogator, Psycho analyst, In Charge of National Secutiy, Judge & Executioner .


XE7’s Backup Assistant, part of Xero Error Time travel experiment team, who remains hidden in this story, but will have a more prominent role in future stories.


XE7’s Time Navigator, part of Xero Error Time travel experiment team, who remains hidden in this story, but will have a more prominent role in future stories.


XE7’s Time Travel Program Controller, who remains hidden in this story, but will have a more prominent role in future stories.


Small hovering robots whose main function is to record XE7’s interrogation session. They also extract data from XE7 & display it on virtual screens.


A major corporation of the future responsible for the time travel program Codename Xero Error to record lost history. It will also bring about the first Natural Intelligence Cyborg and the RFID Mandate.


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  1. Nisar says:

    I still remember your extraodrinary talent in Arts in Kindergarten. You’ve got the talent.. now it’s time the world sees it!

  2. SEO says:

    I like it, I’m interested in knowing more and maybe even Being a part of the production. SEO

  3. pochong says:

    nice…but the other character it is all robo n cyborg?
    anyway..all the best..may have god bless in your work

  4. Jake says:

    I watched the teaser trailer to this movie and I was absolutely blown away. The quality of the CGI I viewed was incredible! The storyline in itself is also extremely intriguing to me, and I look very forward to seeing Xero Error! Cheers to the production team, great job, great effort, and I am absolutely certain that the movie will be spectacular.

  5. Brown says:

    I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  6. Amin Memon says:

    Great idea, keep it up…..

  7. cheap mcafee says:

    Thank you very much for that big article



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