Who is.. What is.. Team Xero
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(Team Xpanse)

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The Story behind Xero Error
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(Xero Error Announcements)

Xero Error’s introductory film ‘Levity Xero Error Minus1’ is the first CG SciFi Film produced in the UAE

In the future Artificial intelligence [AI] is superceded by Natural intelligence [NI].

The story centers on XE7, a cyborg on a journey through time sent by VIRTUAL GEOGRAPHIC, a major scientific conglomerate of the future responsible for the time travel experiment code-named ‘Xero Error’ to record lost history.

In his introductory appearance on the big screen, in the film ‘Levity – Xero Error Minus1’ XE7 witnesses an unexplained event in time.
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XE7 gets a part time job at Dexter’s
Posted by Team Xero on April 19th, 2009 - 5 Comments »
(Art of XE Competition)

James Mohan from St. Paul, Minneapolis sends us a cool new entry for the Art of Xero Error Competition.

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Xero Error, now a tweet away
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(Team Xpanse, Xero Error Announcements)

When it comes to friends and staying in personal contact the Xero Error team is never far away. Now you can reach us real time on twitter! Get updates on the fly and let us know what you have to say… we welcome your comments, crits and suggestions.

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Ashraf Ghori presents an XPANSE CGI production "XERO ERROR" Directed by Ashraf Ghori Produced by Xpanse CGI.
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