Xero Error Blog update
Posted by Team Xero on January 31st, 2009 - 16 Comments »
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Xero Error blog is now on a new server. We’re sorting things out before starting regular updates again. Stay tuned!

Team Xero : Guy Harris voices Xero Error
Posted by Team Xero on January 22nd, 2009 - No Comments »
(Team Xpanse)

January 25th – Character Voice overs for Xero Error were recorded at Tambi Studios today. The multi talented Guy Harris provided the voices for the two lead characters, XE7 & FACET.


Guy Harris Web Site

Tambi Studios provided the recording facilities and editing for the session. DJ Rav is the audio editor for this.

Sneak Peek: XE7 Model
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Wanted to share some work in progress with you guys. XE7, our lead character in the film, is taking shape & we are very happy about it!

Team Xero : Focus on Stanislav Klabik
Posted by Team Xero on January 8th, 2009 - No Comments »
(Team Xpanse)

Stan is an exceptionally talented 3D artist from the Czech Republic who is doing 3D modeling work for Xero Error.

To make the XE7 Cyborg Model, We started off exchanging ideas & suggestions to make the model extremely dynamic & detailed. I did the base modeling and concept sketches. Stan did the detailed 3D model with textures.
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Coming to a School near you
Posted by Team Xero on January 6th, 2009 - No Comments »
(Xero Error Announcements)

January promises to be a very exciting month for Xero Error. On the schedule is audio recording, storyboards, animatics & student workshops.

We will soon be announcing an event calendar for 2009 Student Workshops designed for schools, colleges & universities in the UAE area. The idea here is to share what goes into CG production with budding film makers of tomorrow.


Ashraf Ghori presents an XPANSE CGI production "XERO ERROR" Directed by Ashraf Ghori Produced by Xpanse CGI.
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